• Clear idea and concept statements, including solution name and description when applicable
  • Specifications to the proposed solutions (to compare and contrast with current baseline)
  • Cost and time estimate to implement and estimated value-add and cost reduction
  • Summary of proposal benefits
  • Physical prototypes, samples, drawings when applicable (greatly encouraged to include)
  • Background and formation of the proposed idea (if applicable)
  • Idea classification – if it is publicly known, protected/patented, commercial or technical confidential

Company/Supplier background information

  • Supplier name
  • Headquarter location and years in business
  • Company size (number of employees and annual revenue in USD)
  • Total annual sales to Kraft Foods globally if a current supplier and length of working relationship
  • Primary products and/or services sold to Kraft Foods (if applicable)
  • Primary business units at Kraft that you work with today (if applicable)
  • Core expertise of products and/or services offered to customers
  • Names of the Fortune 100 companies currently a customer and length of relationship
  • Feel free to add any information that will help us know your company and products/services