Challenge Categories


Health and Wellness Initiatives

  • Product and reformulation innovations that will help Kraft Foods meet its objective of reducing sodium by 10% in products offered by2012
  • Innovative solutions to reduce fats, sugar and calories in Kraft Foods products
  • Innovation on packaging reconfiguration to help us offer more portion-controlled options

Reaching our growing consumer markets

  • Creative marketing channels and strategies that will reach our growing consumer segments to increase and retain their preferable usage of Kraft Foods products
  • Creative entry to consumers through establishing a shared experience of preparing and enjoying wholesome, home cooked meals using Kraft Foods products
  • New flavor and product innovation tailored to delight consumers


Sustainability objectives – we welcome ideas that will help us be a better steward of the environment as we work to achieve the following sustainability goals:

  • Reduce plant energy usage by 25%
  • Reduce plant water consumption by 15%
  • Reduce plant energy-related carbon dioxide emission by 25%
  • Eliminate 150 million pounds of packaging materials
  • Reduce plant waste by 15%

Cost-reduction ideas are always welcome!

  • Creative ideas, solutions, innovations, continuous improvements, or introduction of new products and services that will help us drive down either material or service costs (i.e. low-cost packing material and configuration, ingredients sourcing and blending, alternative commodity, logistics solutions, marketing services, IT-related products and services, etc.)