Supplier Q&A

SUPPLIER Q&A SESSIONS 1/8/2013 and 1/17/13
Category Question Answer
Estimate How we determine what spend type to use? Please work with your marketing contact to confirm relevant spend type. Invoices should follow the spend types that were included on the Purchase Order.
Estimate Can we have more than one spend type per estimate? Yes
Estimate What are the requirements for the SOW numbering system? Are there any specific requirements? The purpose of the estimate numbering system is to allow for clarity between the estimate and purchase order. The exact number does not matter, but should be viewed as a way to understand what purchase order relates to what estimate.
Estimate Do you need to include freight on quotation/SOW if we do not know what it will be? No, you can provide that amount at a later date and your marketer can update the PO accordingly.
PO/Commitment Can we start a project without a purchase order? The PO is our authorization to start work.
PO/Commitment What type of spend type do we use for pass through costs? Use the same that you would use for the intent of the overall project. They do not need to be characterized separately. They do need to be invoiced separately to facilitate separate payment terms.
PO/Commitment Can I receive a blanket PO for the work I perform throughout the year? Yes, if the Marketer chooses, they can create a blanket PO for the year, and you will invoice as work is completed; be sure to provide proof of performance with each invoice.
PO/Commitment How do I determine where my PO is going?  What email did my company provide you? Your marketer or your Procurement buyer can look in the EMM system and tell you what email address is being used.  If a change is absolutely necessary, contact Procurement or Marketing to request the change via email.
Invoicing What currency should we invoice? Some suppliers provide services to both Canada and US marketing groups. Please invoice in the currency of the project owner. If this is not possible, the PO process cannot be used.  You will be issued an Internal Order number instead.
Invoicing Do we still need to submit proof of performance. Can we provide it to the marketer? Proof of performance is still required. Our preference is to submit with the invoice as this will allow electronic storage of documents more easily. Continue to provide the format that you do today.
Invoicing What if I was normally paid by wire? How do I invoice and where I do I include that information? Each vendor must be set up in our Shared Service Center with a preferred method of payment (check, EFT, or wire). Please contact the AP number included in the communication to confirm your preferred method and to update as needed.
Invoicing How do I bill against 2012 commitment? Continue to following the signature invoice process used in 2012, including the email address and deal/release # issued in 2012.
Invoicing I have received a TPM number. How do I bill against this number? Please check with your Sales contact.
Invoicing I have received a Deal/Release number for 2013 work. What do I need to do? You may invoice the project using the signature invoice process in place in 2012 until the project is completed.
Invoicing Can we list the spend type on an invoice multiple times? No, please consolidate each invoiced amount into one amount for each spend type.
Invoicing Do we include our tax ID on our invoices? Suppliers should follow the current process of including tax ID’s as currently required. There is no change as a result to the current process. Canadian suppliers must include their GST/HST on each invoice however.
Invoicing What if there is an invoice error, like a misspelling. Please check the Shared Services website to confirm if there is an issue with the invoice.
Invoicing What do we do if we have multiple terms of payment? We might have one estimate, but two payment terms depending on the spend type. We can accommodate but each payment term must invoice separately. One invoice can not contain multiple payment terms. The Marketer must also be informed if this is a contractual payment term.
Invoicing Does an invoice have to have a currency included on it?  Some software does not allow for the inclusion of a currency code in it (e.g. QuickBooks). Yes, the invoice must have currency on it. If necessary, use a notes field to provide the currency.
Invoicing Does the individual line item control the amount of spend / amount included on the invoice?  Will it get rejected even though they are still within the total amount of the PO? Yes, the line item does control the amount of spend. Our 3 way match process is completed based upon the spend type line item.  If a line item spend is exceeded, the PO needs to be revised.
Invoicing How can the Spend Type be included in the electronic OB10 process when there is not such field available in OB10? Use the “Line Description” field in OB10 to provide the spend type identical to what was provided in your PO. Upcoming enhancements to OB10 should provide a “spend type” field.
Invoicing Were projects in other systems in 2012 subject to the PO rules in EMM? Most are not on purchase order and a PO is not required for the 2012 activity billed in 2013.
Invoicing Is Mondelēz International also converting to OB10? Yes, please contact